Frequently Asked Questions

What are the average project timelines?

The time required when setting up a premium theme depends on the complexity of the project normally it takes 2 weeks to finish.On the other hand, Bespoke design projects more time than average. We work with different Website Hosting services to select the most one suitable for our clients' needs. Your project depends on the business you're going for, so the first step to take is fill the form Here and we will give you the deadline frame after discussing your project and goals with you.

What information do I need to start a project and build a website?

You should have all your product images in high resolution, all your branding assets, and all your product descriptions and prices.

What should the average product image size be?

Recommended aspect ratio: 3:4 , or square 1:1 Recommended size: 1065 px wide 1420px tall Recommended size (2x zoomable): 2130 px wide 2840px tall

Do you build Shopify Stores?

Yes , we do!! We will recommend the best platform for hosting your website based on your business, and what you sell, whether physical or digital products.

How do we proceed with payment?

We accept credit card payments, Bank transfer, Paypal, or Cash. and will provide you with payment details once we agree on your project.

How long does it take for a logo project to be delivered?

In order to deliver your Logo in a timely manner, we must take into consideration that your Logo needs to be fully designed based on your vision and needs. After answering our Apply for Project Form, we will head to study your answers and get back to you the soonest. Your Logo will be delivered within a week after all perspectives are agreed upon.